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Explore the advanced concept of Internet+

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Explore the advanced concept of Internet+

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At present, Junle is conducting commercial negotiations with the second home appliance platform in the industry, and it is expected to reach cooperation before the end of the year. The platform has come out of a completely different business model from “child wisdom” and may monopolize 

  Practice the spirit of the 19th report of General Secretary Xi, explore the advanced concept of Internet +, and boldly innovate the marketing model.

  The Internet's transformation of China's traditional industries has entered a fast lane. Internet thinking is undergoing a profound revolution in China's traditional manufacturing industry with a devastating and unstoppable trend. The traditional tire marketing model is being experienced in the face of the strong impact of the Internet. The pain is also brewing a revolution. China's logistics and transportation industry is also undergoing fission under the impact of the intelligent logistics model. Ma Yun's new retail concept is breaking the balance of traditional tire marketing models. While many tire brands are still complacent about the achievements they have made, Junle people feel a deep crisis.

  At the beginning of the business, Junle's decision-makers used the Internet as a strategy for future corporate development. For more than two years, the sales have never stopped exploring. They have emerged in Internet marketing and are ready to go. They have already established e-commerce with the industry. Pioneer brand "tire wisdom" formed a strategic partnership. The platform has been listed on Qilu Securities and completed the first round of financing. The second round of financing will be completed in January 2018. In the next five years, it will incite government funds and venture capital funds 10 billion yuan to form from the supply chain. The post-market service of the automobile and the industrial e-commerce platform of the entire industry chain of Internet finance have aroused the high attention of Alibaba and formed a strategic cooperative relationship with it. The operation of the platform will revolutionize the traditional marketing channels of the tire industry.

  At present, Junle is conducting commercial negotiations with the second home appliance platform in the industry, and it is expected to reach cooperation before the end of the year. The platform has come out of a completely different business model from “child wisdom” and may monopolize 1 million Chinese trunk logistics vehicles within five years. At present, the platform operates less than one year, and there are more than a dozen transport fleets with tens of thousands of vehicles, including many large central enterprises including China Post. Once the target is reached, the annual tire purchase of the platform will reach tens of millions. The rise of the platform will completely subvert the traditional marketing channels of the tire industry. There is an old saying in China called "Being safe and worrying." Junle people believe that only when they are worried can they live in peace. Only by keenly grasping the pulse of industry change and dancing with the market will they not be shut out by the invisible hand of the market. .



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