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Product price performance exceeds domestic first-class brand

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Product price performance exceeds domestic first-class brand

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  Product price performance exceeds domestic first-class brand

  Through nearly three years of market promotion, the product quality of Junle Tire has withstood the test of the international and domestic markets. The feedback from various channels shows that the quality performance of Junle Tire has won many praises.

  In the domestic market, the Junle brand vacuum tires have honoured more than 300,000 kilometers of outstanding performance, the quality performance is almost equal to the international first-line brand, and the performance of the inner tube overload series will be far behind the top ten domestic brands. One of the “Four King Kongs” that masters core technologies in the field of overloaded markets.

  At the Las Vegas International Tire Show in the United States, an old engineer who worked for more than 30 years in Goodyear (an internationally renowned tire company and one of the world's three largest tire giants) stood in front of the Junle Tire exhibition area. He took the tire profile and excitedly told the exhibitors, "This is the best tire I have ever seen in China. This design level is comparable to that of the world's leading brands. If it is not seen by the scene, he can hardly believe China. Can make such a good tire." When our exhibitors said they wanted to give him a profile, he showed excitement like a child who had received a long-awaited gift.

  In the Korean market, the actual performance of Junle vacuum tires surpassed Hankook Tire (an internationally renowned tire company). A chairman of an international trading company with Hantech and Kumho technical backgrounds, integrating product development, design and sales, visited the Junle Company, visited the Junle factory and listened to the products and enterprises of Junle. After the introduction, I strongly requested to be the exclusive agent in the Korean market, and said that we can cooperate with Junle Company in product development for the Korean market. In less than one year of operation, the current monthly purchase volume has reached more than 10 containers, and four models of three products have been jointly developed. The customer expressed his confidence that he will increase the share of Junle Tire in the Korean market to over 10% in the next three years.

  In the Taiwan market, the actual performance of the products is comparable to that of Bridgestone (the world's leading tire companies, the world's tire companies ranked first) tires, and has a small reputation in the Taiwan market. And caused concern of local roasted seeds and nuts, recently found that there is a parallel flow into the Taiwan market.

  In the Australian market, a large local team leader calculated the mileage of the tires and calculated that the cost-effectiveness of Junle tires was more than double that of the Japanese Yokohama tires (the internationally renowned tire companies) that the team is currently using.

  In the Kenyan market, Junle Tire has become a tire supplier designated by overseas construction companies.

  The cost performance of the products has won the trust of more and more customers. Currently, due to the limitation of factory capacity, the monthly order delivery rate can only reach 50%.

  Product price performance exceeds domestic first-class brand

  Through nearly three years of market promotion, the product quality of Junle Tire has withstood the test of the international and domestic markets. The feedback from various channels shows that the quality performance of Junle Tire has won many praises.

  In the domestic market, the Junle brand vacuum tires have honoured more than 300,000 kilometers of outstanding performance, the quality performance is almost equal to the international first-line brand, and the performance of the inner tube overload series will be far behind the top ten domestic brands. One of the “Four King Kongs” that masters core technologies in the field of overloaded markets.

  At the Las Vegas International Tire Show in the United States, an old engineer who worked for more than 30 years in Goodyear (an internationally renowned tire company and one of the world's three largest tire giants) stood in front of the Junle Tire exhibition area. He took the tire profile and excitedly told the exhibitors, "This is the best tire I have ever seen in China. This design level is comparable to that of the world's leading brands. If it is not seen by the scene, he can hardly believe China. Can make such a good tire." When our exhibitors said they wanted to give him a profile, he showed excitement like a child who had received a long-awaited gift.

  In the Korean market, the actual performance of Junle vacuum tires surpassed Hankook Tire (an internationally renowned tire company). A chairman of an international trading company with Hantech and Kumho technical backgrounds, integrating product development, design and sales, visited the Junle Company, visited the Junle factory and listened to the products and enterprises of Junle. After the introduction, I strongly requested to be the exclusive agent in the Korean market, and said that we can cooperate with Junle Company in product development for the Korean market. In less than one year of operation, the current monthly purchase volume has reached more than 10 containers, and four models of three products have been jointly developed. The customer expressed his confidence that he will increase the share of Junle Tire in the Korean market to over 10% in the next three years.

  In the Taiwan market, the actual performance of the products is comparable to that of Bridgestone (the world's leading tire companies, the world's tire companies ranked first) tires, and has a small reputation in the Taiwan market. And caused concern of local roasted seeds and nuts, recently found that there is a parallel flow into the Taiwan market.

  In the Australian market, a large local team leader calculated the mileage of the tires and calculated that the cost-effectiveness of Junle tires was more than double that of the Japanese Yokohama tires (the internationally renowned tire companies) that the team is currently using.

  In the Kenyan market, Junle Tire has become a tire supplier designated by overseas construction companies.

  The cost performance of the products has won the trust of more and more customers. Currently, due to the limitation of factory capacity, the monthly order delivery rate can only reach 50%.



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